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Warming & Cooking Equipment

Commercial 6 Burner Range
-Outdoor use only
250.00 Commercial Range 6 Burner, propane
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Chafing dish Stainless steel
-Holds 6 full 2.5″ chafing inserts (not included)
60.00 Camcarrier with 6 Shallow Inserts (not included)
Stainless Prep Table – Commercial Grade Table with Shelf & Locking Casters

5′ Length X 30″Width  X 34″ Height

Stainless Prep Table – Commercial Grade Table with Shelf & Locking Casters

8′ Length X 30″Width  X 34″ Height

Camcarrier Dolly
-Holds 1 or 2 Camcarriers
8.50 Cambro CamCarrier Dolly
Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerator
-With shelving racks or baking sheet sliders
175.00 Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerator
20 Quart Stock Pot Vollrath 12.50 Volrath Stock pots
40 Quart Stock Pot Vollrath 18.50 Volrath Stock pots
60 Quart Stock Pot Vollrath 20.00 Volrath Stock pots
Induction cook top with soft-touch display. Cookware must be made of a magnetic-based material, i.e. cast iron or magnetic stainless steel. Weight capacity, up to 30 lbs., temperature control from 150°F to 450°F. This unit will plug into a regular 120 volt outlet but requires it’s own breaker. Available early April. 25.00 file
Table Top Burner, butane
Butane Fuel
12.00 (plus butane) butane burner
Heat Lamp Vollrath (adjustable Height)
Fitted Cutting Board or Chafing insert


Heat Lamp Vollrath
Baking Sheet 5.50 baking sheet
Cambro Handwash Station 28.50 Cambro Handwash Station


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