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Centerpieces & Table Top Items

Silver Espera Candelabra, 3 arm 15.00
Silver Olympia Candelabra, 5 arm 25.00
Square Vase, 6″ x 6″ 3.00 Square Glass Vase
Grande Martini, 9″tall 5.50 grande Martini
Glass Super Globe, 7” tall 2.95 super Globe
Round Mirror, 12″ diameter 3.00 Mirror
Glass Bowl, shallow, 13” diameter 5.50 Glass Centerpiece Bowl, 13“ Diameter
Round Tealight Holder with 4.5hr tealight 1.00 Tealight holder Round
Square Tealight Holder with 4.5hr tealight

Clear and black available

1.00 Tealight holder Square
LED Votive Candle 1.00 Tealight votive candle LED
Paradise Candle with wax insert 2.05  Paridise Candle
Table Number Stand, 12″ tall 3.25 table number stand
Table Numbers 1 to 25 3.25 (set)  Table number


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