Heating & Cooling




Tent Heater with Thermostat – Quiet operation, and safe, trouble free design have made this the best solution for heating events. From elegant weddings to company parties, Premier heaters ensure the ideal party environment. Vent heat into your tent while keeping the fuel source and heater outside. 150.00 (plus propane)
Propane Patio Heater – Extend your patio and tent use through the cooler seasons with portable radiant heaters. The 40,000 BTU Zubri™ Z1-12CK heats approximately a 300 square foot area. 125.00 (plus propane)
Misting Fan – Reduces air temperature by as much as 30°F. Low pressure mist technology combines fine mist and high speed air movement for highly effective “person” cooling indoors and outdoors. The outdoor rated 18”,  3-speed fan (requires 2.15 Amps of power) provides up to seven hours of use and is ergonomically designed for portability. Ideal for cooling outdoor events, work areas, patios, and sidelines. Available May 2019 145.00
White “Whisper Quiet” Tent Fan –  Ideal for tent cooling, heat circulation and detracting bugs . These white 12″ fans blend in with most tents and are so quiet you don’t hear them, you only feel them. Use one tent fan every 15-20 feet. (rheostats can be added to control fan speed if required) Price includes installation in an All Occasions tent.  125.00
Cooling Unit – Portable evaporative coolers reduce air temperature in your outdoor events, wharehouse and hard to cool areas by as much as 30°F at a fraction of the cost of A/C. They are environmentally friendly and can be used indoors and outdoors. 195.00