Weddings can be fairly chaotic, especially with emotions running high throughout the day and a lot of moving pieces that need to work together. Wedding rental equipment shouldn’t be on your list of worries of things to think about as well.  

We’ve compiled the top five things you should remember to rent out for your wedding, plus why they’re pretty crucial to the whole event. 

One Important Piece of Wedding Rental Equipment: Backup Tents 

Don’t let months (or even years) of preparation go to waste if poor weather keeps from enjoying the outdoors. It’s important to always have a Plan B when it comes to weddings and tents are one of the best ways to do that, especially for outdoor weddings since it might not be just rain your guests have to deal with. Wind can cause just as many problems. 


Electricity is much less of an issue if your venue is held entirely indoors, but for even if your venue is partly outdoors, electricity should definitely be on your planning radar. If you plan on using tents, then you should consider getting a generator to support any lighting, equipment, or gear you might need. Extension cords only work for so much.   

Tables, Chairs, and Other Seating 

While many venues do offer tables and chairs, it’s important to know how many you’ll be getting with your package. You wouldn’t want to be short seating during the big day and have your guests rotate out places to eat.  

Don’t forget about seating for the wedding party, and potentially other places for guests to relax in a lobby area if your dining area will be a little cramped. 

All Occasions offers a variety of lounge furniture to add to your event so your guests can sit comfortably. Plus, they also make excellent backdrops in pictures!   

Dance Floor   

Depending on the venue, you might not get a dance floor as part of your wedding rental equipment package. If you absolutely don’t want a dance floor then this really isn’t a big deal, but for the other 98% of people that want to get down and boogie this is important.  

Dance floors will add a cool, creative, and chic vibe to any event. Choose a floor that’s right for your vision and then plan the reception space for your own first dance, father-daughter dance and the night to follow.

Renting makes sense, homemade dance floors can look just like they sound. So make renting out a dance floor part of your plan and check one more thing off that long to do list.


The last thing you want is for your wedding photos to be too dark to recover even using Photoshop. Instead, plan out any additional lighting you might need ahead of time so both you and your guests can see and enjoy each other’s company and antics.  

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all that you’ll need for your wedding, this should give you a better idea of things you may need for your big day to tie the knot. 


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