Once trendy, lounge furniture rentals have become a timeless and essential component of event décor. From birthdays to weddings, to theme parties, to trade shows—lounge furniture can enhance the atmosphere and ambience of any event.

Best of all, lounge furniture rentals can be versatile, as they can be combined in thousands of variations to pattern and decorate any space.

So why not take your next event beyond the typical event décor by incorporating a dressy, clean lounge flavour utilizing our modern furniture rentals? Or, if you’re wanting to amplify the traditional feel of your next event, take a peek at our vintage lounge furniture collection.

Types of Events with Lounge Furniture Rentals

Lounge furniture rentals can be incorporated into any kind of event. Regardless of the type of event, party lounge furniture rentals prove to be a highlight of any occasion as they bring comfort and style to the celebration.

At All Occasions, we offer a wide selection of lounge furniture rentals. Our lounge furniture rentals can be moved together or apart to create all types of fun shapes and designs. Adding party furniture can be an excellent touch to a number of different types of events.

Black Mr. and Mrs. Pillow on Top of White Chair lounge furniture rentals


Lounge Furniture Rentals for Weddings

Many wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions have lounge furniture rentals at them. That’s because lounge furniture offers comfort to guests (especially to those who may be dancing up a storm and need a break), and can completely transform the room! Whether outdoor, indoor, or inside a tent rental, lounge furniture rentals can really add class, fun, and beauty to your venue.

If you’re planning a wedding with traditional dining areas, bars, food service stations, etc. – the creation of a separately-themed lounge area utilizing some of the contemporary or traditional pieces from our furniture rental line is an excellent way to spice up the overall event experience and provide a memorable ambience as the evening progresses.

Birthday Parties and Lounge Furniture Rentals

Lounge furniture is a great addition to any birthday party, whether it’s for your 11-year old son’s birthday party in your backyard or for your 90-year old grandmother’s birthday celebration in your living room. Our lounge furniture rentals can be suited to any event or location.

While the kids play and open presents, the parents can enjoy the festivities from the comfort of one of our Louis Lounge Chairs. Or in the case of your 90-year old grandmother, she can be Queen for a day (as she deserves) and sit comfortably on our Lounge Settee while sipping champagne.

Party lounge furniture rentals are ideal especially if you don’t enough furniture to accommodate all the birthday attendees, or if you’re planning to have a themed birthday party (i.e: High Tea Party, Alice and Wonderland, Disco Ball, etc).

Staff Parties with Lounge Furniture Rentals

You are likely to see party lounge furniture rentals at corporate parties. These types of fancy seats and original seating arrangements with party lounge furniture rentals can really help to make the event fun and comfortable for your employees. Lounge furniture can also make for a fun backdrop for some memorable staff party photos!

Utilizing Lounge Furniture at Trade Shows and Corporate Events

For trade shows and corporate events, a clean, crisp, contemporary lounge area provides a welcoming gathering centre for event attendees, creating a focal point both visually and functionally and promoting a trendy, upscale overall ambience and atmosphere.

black and white checkered floor with lounge furniture on top lounge furniture rentals

Lounge Furniture Rentals for Theme Parties

Party lounge furniture can enhance or complete the look of any themed party and allow attendees to really get into character. Imagine one of our LED spheres as a backdrop to your Disco-themed party or one of our vintage Louis Sofas as a photo booth prop for your Sherlock Holmes party (some memorable photos could definitely be taken with either of these rental selections).

We’ve listed some other party theme ideas that could easily incorporate our lounge furniture rentals:

  • Stranger Things
  • Rose Gold Party
  • Iridescent Party
  • Galaxy Party
  • A Day in Paris
  • Las Vegas
  • Glitterati Party

Interested in Adding some Flair to your Event with Lounge Furniture?

We invite you to visit our website and see for yourself how our innovative line of modern or traditional furniture rental items can help you ensure that your next event is truly spectacular.

Whether for weddings, lounges, sporting events, conferences, anniversaries, corporate events or trade shows – our contemporary or traditional furniture line of couches and chairs, coffee tables, bar stools and other accent pieces can help provide just the right touch to move your event away from the commonplace, and transform it into something that your guests will remember for years to come.

Interested in lounge furniture rentals for your next Kelowna event? Get in touch with our All Occasions Party Rentals team to discuss further!