With the holiday season fast approaching, many Okanagan companies are planning customer appreciation parties, Christmas parties, and other corporate events. We love helping our clients bring their vision to life by providing knowledge and years of experience with corporate party rentals. We’ve compiled a list of our top 3 tips to help you plan your next corporate event.

Understand the Purpose of your Event

One of the first steps in planning a successful corporate event is understanding the purpose of your event. Knowing who your audience is and what will resonate with them will help you narrow down the rest of the decisions you’ll be making throughout the planning process.

Are you planning a Christmas party, a client appreciation party or a car launch? All the following questions you’ll ask yourself, including what corporate party rentals you’ll need, will be a lot easier to answer once you know your event’s purpose.

Set a Date & Location

Once you know the purpose of your event, choosing a location and setting a date, and even the time of day will be much easier.  

Audience in the lecture hall.


When deciding on a venue, there are a few qualities you’ll want to look for. First, figure out the capacity of the venues you’re looking at to make sure it’s the right size for your guest list. Second, you’ll want to make sure it’s in a convenient location for your guests with ample parking and access to public transport. Check out the facilities to ensure it has the PA system you need. If it doesn’t, consider renting the convention and audiovisual equipment and possibly even generators you’ll need to make the location work. Check out our previous blog for more information on renting generators.

Corporate Event Rentals

Regardless of when, or where, you’re planning your corporate event, you’ll likely need corporate party rentals. Here at All Occasions, we have everything from event furniture rentals, such as lounge furniture rentals, chair rentals, and table rentals, to Christmas party rentals and dance floor rentals.

We’ve been providing our Okanagan clients with friendly, superior service and specialized products for over 20 years. Together with your inspiration, we put our knowledge and experience to work to create lasting memories. We’d love to help you bring your corporate event vision to life.

Contact us today with any questions, or if you’d like to request a corporate event rentals quote.