Isn’t it amazing to think that in just a few short days Christmas will be here, guests will be arriving, gifts will be decoratively wrapped and under the tree, dinner in the oven, and eager faces will be awaiting your hospitality. I seem to be annually amazed at how fast this magical day comes and goes. And without a second beat our New Year’s celebration follows on its’ heels. This year we thought it would be fun to give you a couple of fun new ideas to help celebrate and welcome in the New Year.

My husband and I recently went to a neighborhood block party where they brought in casino tables and dealers. Each couple brought an appie and a $10 wrapped gift. After a bit of mingling we were each handed $5000 in play money and the tables opened. For the next few hours we gambled to our heart’s delight, (with the safety of knowing we weren’t actually losing real dollars). Casual conversation was joined by much cheer and laughter. When the tables were officially closed for the evening we then proceeded to bid on the wrapped gifts with our pretend earnings and the laughter continued. What a great way to celebrate with a large group  of people. Whether they know each other or not, your guests are sure to have an exciting and memorable time.

chocolate fountainHere at All Occasions we have several different types of casino table to offer you for a night such as this. You can find all of these items on our website under our casino tab. One of my personal favorites is the Roulette table and wheel. It looks gorgeous and brings with it an air of sophistication. This, perhaps paired with one of our black jack tables, will lead the entertainment. Add several bar stools to this combination (for people to sit and mingle casually), appies, several of your favorite drinks and you will be sure to have a party none will soon forget.

Not quite wanting to venture that big but still want to impress your guests? By simply projecting your favorite TV count down channel on to a blank wall and a bit of fun lighting (I would suggest the 20′ foot strand of globe lights) you can easily convert your family room into an official count down gathering. With an array of decorative appies and drinks, your place will be set for an evening of Count Down entertainment. Perhaps add a special feature item that will leave your guests talking into the New Year.  Ones such as our Classic Popcon Popper or our gorgeous Chocolate Fountain , alone leave an impression on guests every time.

(Our chocolate Fountain, a gorgeous center piece in itself, paired with an array of delicious fruit kebabs is a dessert all your guests will remember)

And please remember here at All Occasions it is our hope that all your events are to be happy and healthy. Please take the initiative to pre-book cab rides for your guest to arrive home safely. Thank you kindly for all your patronage this past year.

From all of us here at All Occasions Party Rentals we wish you a very Happy Healthy and Safe New Year’s.