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The Fitzpatrick Family Vineyard is a serene, peaceful wedding destination. Located in beautiful Peachland BC, the Fitzpatrick Family Vineyard makes for one of the most tranquil Okanagan wedding venues. Coveted and admired by couples planning their weddings all over Canada, we’ve teamed up with event planner Yuriko Larson from Vintage Origami to bring you insider tips you should know before planning a Fitzpatrick winery wedding. Keep reading for insider tips from one of the Okanagan’s top wedding planners!  

Vintage Origami: Events by Yuriko Larson

Yuriko Larson from Vintage Origami Events has planned over 600 weddings in the Okanagan. She and her husband have been helping clients create unique, elegant and romantic events since 2010.  

Vintage Origami shares, “Yuriko loves to stylize and design weddings that are romantic, focused on ambiance, and represent her clients’ in personality and style. While she has the word, ‘vintage’ in her business name her decor selection and vision are not exclusive to that.”  

Yuriko and the team at Vintage Origami create a select number of weddings every year in order to give each couple a truly personalized and unique crafted event. To find out more about Yuriko and Vintage Origami, we recommend checking out their site online here. 

Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding

Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding: Photo by

Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding: Custom, Personalized Event

No two couples are alike, which is why no two weddings, even at the same venue, look alike. For couples planning their day at the Fitzpatrick Family Vineyard, the venue offers an opportunity for a truly personal and romantic wedding.  Vintage Origami shares:

[Your wedding] won’t be cookie-cutter. We design and create custom, personalized weddings where the decor represents the couple and their unique taste, style and personalities. The details should speak of the couple’s story and represent their relationship and personal style. We believe that every wedding should be unique because each couple is uniquely different and their journey is special to them.

From adding a unique touch with your wedding accessories and décor to creating a photoshoot backdrop with lounge furniture, the Fitzpatrick Family Vineyard boasts the potential to create a wedding that truly represents your love story. 

Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards - Photo by

Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding: Photo by

Vintage Origami + All Occasions: A Perfect Pairing

All Occasions has worked with the wonderful team at Vintage Origami to help couples create their special day. When working with All Occasions and Vintage Origami, you’re guaranteed personalized service from experts with insider tips into your wedding venue. 

Yuriko elaborates on the personalized touch that Vintage Origami offers:

Vintage Origami provides full styling design, custom mood boards made for the couples, layout designs professionally prepared in AutoCAD, the full set up and tear down services on the day and we provide our decor inventory outside of what is supplied through All Occasions Party Rentals. We provide the pieces that add the customized accents to your special day. Pairing us with All Occasions allows for the completion of the decor for the wedding or event. We work closely with the rental company and their amazing staff and together we collaborate on the unique vision for the couple so that the wedding is fully accented with personality, beauty, and comfort.  

Fitzpatrick looks fantastic when you bring in the Louis chairs from All Occasions and when you have their staff hang string marquee lighting over the outdoor patio. We love how they add extra warmth, romance with the ambient lighting and comfort to the already beautiful setting of the winery.

“As a wedding designer and decorator, we find the All Occasions rentals invaluable to each of our occasions. More importantly, the service and support we get from your team is unparalleled and is a huge highlight to my planning experience. We appreciate you all so so much!

Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding

Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding: Photo by

Wedding Décor at Fitzpatrick Family Vinyard 

Vintage Origami created the beautiful Fitzpatrick Winery wedding pictured above. They explain the joys that come along with helping couples prepare for the big day:

The wedding decor in these photos was a surprise to the couple like most of our custom weddings. We attract couples that live busy lives and they desire for someone to take care of all the little details and provide them lots of direction during the planning process. They need us to be their eyes and ears here in Kelowna while they plan their wedding often from afar as we get a lot of destination couples.  

They want to enjoy the experience leading up the wedding and to really relish in the journey of being engaged rather than worrying about what fabric textiles, fonts, colour swatches or the amount of communication it takes between vendors to ensure the decor is perfectly aligned for the wedding day.  

For that reason, we get to know the couple intimately. We come to understand their relationship, their journey, their interests and what their dream vision is. We bring together on the wedding day their vision in a tangible way. Many times, that means the couple will let us surprise them and they enjoy the experience of knowing we will take care of them leading up to the wedding day and then on their special day.  

I must admit that one of my favourite parts of my job is being able to see the awe and excitement in a couple’s eyes when their wedding decor is revealed to them. The biggest compliment we receive is when guests tell the couple that the decor is “so them” and it has their names written all over it.

Okanagan Wedding Venue

Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding: Photo by

Wedding Rentals, Décor, and Planning for your Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding 

If you’d like to find out more about partnering with Vintage Origami to plan your day, find out more on their website here. At All Occasions, we’ve been helping couples plan their weddings since 1997. Our extensive experience and expertise lend itself to helping couples avoid venue-specific mishaps and create their dream event. If you have further questions about rentals for your Fitzpatrick Winery Wedding, get in touch with our team today! We’d be happy to give you insider tips and help you pick out chairs, décor, lighting and more for your occasion.  


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