Laurel Packinghouse Wedding

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The Laurel Packinghouse is a beautiful and romantic wedding venue in Kelowna BC. The rustic venue and rich history surrounding make it a dream wedding location for many couples. The team here at All Occasions has teamed up with Kaitlyn Ellis, a talented Kelowna event and wedding planner, to help you plan your big day. Keep reading for a bit about Kaitlyn, and her top three tips to keep in mind while planning your Laurel Packinghouse Wedding.

A Bit about Kaitlyn Ellis: Kelowna Wedding Planner 

Kaitlyn Ellis Events is the Okanagan’s full-service wedding planning and design company that specializes in curating storied celebrations worthy of the first moments of marriage.  

“We work with creative and busy couples to design a beautiful wedding day that is reflective of your unique personalities, inspired by your love story and influenced by your event location – locally or from afar. Our personalized approach includes planning from start to finish, story-driven design, event production, and floral artistry – everything to create a sensory experience that is ‘oh so you’!“ 

If you want to know more about Kaitlyn Ellis Events and what they offer, feel free to contact them at to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

Planning a Laurel Packinghouse Wedding 

The Laurel Packinghouse is a beloved historic museum in the heart of downtown Kelowna. It’s also the perfect backdrop for a wedding, which makes it a popular venue choice for many couples. The natural character and industrial aesthetic of the building lend itself beautifully to a variety of elevated design styles. 

If you’re thinking about booking The Laurel Packinghouse for your wedding, here are the top three ways our signature planning process can help you bring your dream wedding to life while giving you the time and space to bask in the excitement of your engagement.

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Photo Credit: Boketto Photography

1. Remove Logistical Challenges

Logistical challenges such as rentals, catering and décor planning are a part of the planning process for any Okanagan wedding venue. However, Kaitlyn shared that a Laurel Packinghouse wedding usually has more logistical challenges than the average Kelowna Wedding Venue. Choosing vendors and wedding rentals are usually a bigger process for this venue. 

Kailyn shared: “The Laurel Packinghouse lends itself so well to a variety of designs because it is essentially a blank slate. This also means that you are responsible for renting or purchasing everything from appropriately sized linen to tableware and ice. 

When it comes to considering wedding vendors, she shares, “Bringing in your own caterer and alcohol may sound appealing, it also requires deeper thought into how it will be served. Based on the length of your celebration, how many will be in attendance, style of dinner service, etc. we work together to hire the ideal amount of staff to ensure a positive guest experience – even the smallest detail like filling a water glass goes a long way. In addition, we only work with reputable and professional vendors – you get what you pay for is a very relevant statement in this category. We make the planning process stress free so you can focus on creating memories.”  

 If you’re planning a Laurel Packinghouse wedding, the venue expects you to be responsible for all service providers. If you’re unsure of where to start, the Laurel Packinghouse has a binder of suggestions they’ll share to help you plan your vendors.

2. Manage The Budget With Ease 

Managing a budget can be one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding, and Kaitlyn Ellis gets it. She shares, ‘As a previous bride, I personally relate to the stress associated with finances and budgeting. This is why it’s such a large part of our approach and the first thing that’s discussed after booking with KEE.”  

From vendors to décor to the actual venue itself, budgeting for your venue can be difficult. She shares, “Though some items may seem small, they add up quickly. At KEE, we know who has what and at what price point. These relationships allow us to keep the couple’s on budget while creating their dream wedding.”  

When it comes to wedding rentals, we’ve built strong relationships with other members of the community. If you’re looking into wedding décor rentals, chairs, linens and everything else you’ll need for a Laurel Packinghouse wedding, the team here at All Occasions would be happy to help. We understand finding a balance between dream wedding and your budget can be a challenge. Because of this, all our prices are up front and never include hidden fees – meaning you can rest assured your quote is accurate and won’t ruin your budget. From glass wear to tents and everything in between, we take pride in providing high quality, maintained rentals. We’d be happy to help you find the right wedding rentals to fit within your budget while capturing your vision for your space. We can also help determine what you’ll actually need for your Laurel Packinghouse wedding.   

Laurel Packinghouse Wedding

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3. Let Go Of All The Details 

 Lastly, Kaitlyn shares the importance of letting go of all the details on your big day. She shares, “Your sole focus should be marrying the love of your life. Your friends and family should fully also be able to enjoy this day. This is why our team creates and executes a story-driven design that feels like home. Whether it’s tying 100+ cushions to your chairs or ensuring the forks are aligned perfectly, our eye for detail will ensure you’re worry-free and excited to see it all come together.”  

From Kaitlyn and the team at All Occasions, we wish you the best planning your big day. If you have any questions or would like to stop by our showroom to chat tablescapes, décor or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.  


 Contact All Occasions to find out more about party and event rentals for your upcoming Laurel Packinghouse Wedding.