The holiday season has officially begun! For most, this means attending and hosting a myriad of holiday events. To help you set the scene of your next holiday gathering, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks. From decorating your table to counting glassware rentals, create an eye-catching table setting to welcome and impress your guests with these tips from All Occasions.

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Table Charger Rentals

One of our favourite ways to add extra colour to table settings is with chargers. If this word is new to you, chargers are larger plates that stay on the table for the whole meal. Typically, they are more decorative and serve as a base for your salad, dinner and dessert plates.

Chargers come in a myriad of different colours and styles. For the holiday season, we recommend our gold or silver specialty plater rentals to add festivity and colour to your table setting

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Glassware Rentals

One of the most common questions we get is party planners wondering the number of party glass rentals they should rent. For plates and other dinnerware, it can be a bit easier. Afterall, guests only eat one meal, but they may have more than a few different types of drinks.

For events where guests do not RSVP, or you need to order glasses before your final guest has been confirmed, you’ll have to make your best guess.

We recommend planning for 1 water glass rental per guests, 1.5 wine glass rentals per guest, 2 highball glass rentals per guest, 0.5 old fashion glass rentals per guest and 0.5 beer glass rentals per guest. If you’re doing any specialty desserts in shot glasses or taster glasses you’ll also want to account about 1 glass per guest.

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Table Setting Rentals: Vary the Heights

If you want to take your tablescape to another level, we recommend adding decor items at varying heights. Adding a mixture of small, large, short and tall items means you may need fewer party rentals overall, and your table will look polished and clean.

However, if you’re placing taller items on your dinner table, make sure it won’t obscure other guests’ view across the table.

All Occasions Holiday Party Rentals

If you’re planning a holiday party in the Okanagan and need some help with your table decor and party rentals, let us know! The friendly and knowledgeable team at All Occasions would be more than happy to help you create an eye-catching and festive holiday tablescape.

Contact All Occasions for holiday party rentals in the Okanagan.