Patio Heaters

Why you need one:

Outdoor events, can sometimes register on the cool side. A patio heater or two strategically positioned will keep your guests toasty and expletives concerning the Season That Must Not Be Named to a minimum. Your guests and sensibilities will thank you, and your forethought and hosting prowess will be admired.

How it works:

Propane Patio HeaterThe Zubri Propane Patio Heater is an umbrella-style heater. The beauty of this heater lies in its inoffensive, sleek design and its ability to quickly break down and be stored in a compact and easily-transported carrying case. These heaters are good for events where many people will be moving in and around the event space as heat is given off from all sides. The heater assembles in four easy steps (no tools!) and is then ready for lighting. Open the valve on the propane tank, hold a match under the burner head, and push and turn the gas control knob to middle position. After heater lights, hold down control knob for 15 seconds, release slowly and adjust heat.