With three wins against New York under their belts, the Los Angeles Kings are poised on the edge of a winning game. Be prepared for the Stanley Cup winning match or for New York to turn the tables with these tips for hosting a memorable NHL Playoff Party.

What to get:

keg-Keg pump and cooler, because while we might pair linens and hockey here at All Occasions, we do not condone warm beer. Or, if a keg exceeds your needs, a nice cooler or ice bucket to keep drinks frosty is also a great idea.

-BBQ and/or hotdog machine, to grill meat for that tailgate party feel.

-Popcorn machine, for the buttery smell of hockey arena concession stands.Big John 3'

-Tables and chairs, for seating. Arrange your chairs arena style, and use the tables for holding drinks and food.

-Linens in team colours (black and grey for LA, red and blue for NY)

-Chafing dishes to keep food warm, so you won’t need to keep getting up to remove things from the oven and risk missing the big goal.

What to do:

LA -Bring out the competition with a small betting pool. Keep the buy-in reasonable so that everyone can enjoy theNY fun.

-Encourage team spirit by having guests wear their team colours. Or, celebrate a legend and have guests arrive in their most “Don Cherry-esque” attire.

-Visit for signature cocktail recipes for “The Ranger” and the “LA Cocktail.”

-Most importantly, watch the game, cheer on your team, and enjoy being the host who pulled off the best playoff party of the year.