Stage ImageWith the holiday festivities all over, January is usually, for most, a month of regrouping. But just when you thought this was going to be a ho-hum month with most of your efforts spent trying to settle back into routine (like waking up on a soggy Monday morning after having had a great weekend), it turns out there is something new to celebrate and look forward to!!!

On Monday, January 25, the 2010 Olympic Torch will be arriving in Kelowna as part of its 106 day, 45,000 km. journey across the country. The Olympic Torch will run through downtown Kelowna before arriving at City Park for the community celebration where the ceremonial community caldron will be lit.  (as stated on Kelowna’s home page). So grab your kids, friends, neighbours, and family and head down to Kelowna City Park for the ceremony from 6-8pm. We’ll be down there setting up for the event ourselves on Monday, a chance to see some of our tent possibilities in action.
It is sure to be a fun night. What a neat and exciting way to get involved and to support our teams and our country. Our city’s home page has a couple of different ways to join in on the fun such as creating your own Olympic torch, a must do if you have kids. You print out the flame template on your printer, cut it out and wrap it around your flash light, secure with tape and Voila! your own Olympic torch to wave around during the ceremonies.

Olympic Flame Cutout

Skirted Quarter Circle BarWhy let the fun stop there? What a perfect opportunity to invite your neighbours and friends back for continued Olympic fun.  With our Skirted Quarter Circle Bar, liquor dispenser and several bar stools in place you can set up your basement for an evening of fun and games. You could come up with several olympic relays. Or a real suiting interactive game to play on such a night would be the Nintendo Wii game ‘Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games’.  An evening of fun for all ages.
And as always we here at All Occasions hope all your events, big or small will be remembered by your guests for days to come so please remember to drink responsibily  and plan rides ahead of time. Have a great night and hopefully we will see you down at City Park