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Chanel Vineyard Chair Beautiful all wood chair exclusive in the Okanagan to All Occasions – Now in stock 12.50W/Cushion  Chanel
 new_redChanel Chair White Beautiful all wood chair exclusive in the Okanagan to All Occasions – Now In Stock!!! 12.50W/Cushion
Cross back chair –  All wood now In Stock!!!new_red 12.50W/Cushion   crossback-vineyard-chair-with-cushion
 Cross back bar stool – All wood, now In Stock!!!new_red 18.50  
Chivari Chair Fruitwood (All Wood Chair) -Chivari Chair Cushion- black, ivory or white 12.50W/Cushion fruitwood-chivari
Chivari Chair Silver – Chivari Chair Cushion- black, ivory or white 12.50W/Cushion 10-silver-chiavari-chair-with-cushion
Chivari Chair Gold (All Wood Chair)- Chivari Chair Cushion- black, ivory or white 12.50W/Cushion gold_chiavari
Chivari Chair Clear/Ice – Chivari Chair Cushion- black, ivory or white 12.50W/Cushion clear-chiavari-chairs
Fruitwood Folding Chair, with beige padded seat 5.75 untitled
new_redWalnut Folding Chair, with padded seat, exclusive in the Okanagan to All Occasions Now In Stock!!! 5.95
Lounge Chair, padded white 25.00 Lounge Chair, white
White Resin Folding Chair, with padded seat made in Italy by “Drake” the best resin folding chair on the market. 4.95 White Resin Folding Chair
White Wooden Folding Chair, with padded seat, when only wood will do 5.50 white-wooden-folding-chairs
White Folding Millennium Chair 2.50  White Millenium Chair
White Bistro Stacking Chair 2.75  White Bistro Chair
new_redWhite Folding Chair Now In Stock!!! 2.50
 Grey Samsonite Folding Chair 1.95 Samsonite Grey
 Beige Samsonite Folding Chair 1.95 Beige Samsonite
 Samsonite Chair Clips (Light Grey Clips)
Used to connect chairs for row seating
.30 Chair Ganging Clips
Bar Stool, 28″ tall 6.95 Chrome Bar Stool
Form Fit Stool Toppers
-Available in black, cherry red, lime green, white, zebra, and leopard
1.75  Bar stool with topper
Booster Seat 7.50 cambro booster seat