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Chafing Dishes

Includes your choice of shallow, deep or divided insert
Deluxe Stainless Steel
25.00 Chafing dish Stainless steel
Deluxe Stainless & Gold
25.00 Chafing Stainless and gold
Deluxe Stainless & Gold Oval
25.00 Chafing dish Oval
Stainless Steel Soup Tureen, 10.5qt
35.00 Soup Tureen
Sterno Fuel
-Apprx. 2.5 hour burn time
2.75 Sterno
Full Shallow
-2.5” deep, 9 quarts
4.00 Chafing Insert full size shallow
Half Shallow
-2.5” deep, 4 quarts
4.00 Chafing isnert Half size shallow
Full Deep
-4” deep, 15 quarts
4.00 Chafing Insert full size deep
Half Deep
-4” deep, 7 quarts
4.00 chafing insert half size deep
Oval Inserts
-Choice of 1, 2, or 3 compartments
4.00 Chafing insert oval 1 compartmentChafing insert Oval 2 comp
Round Chiller Server with Insert  8.50  Round Chiller Server with 13“ Stainless Bowl
Rectangular Chiller Server with Insert 8.50 Rectangular Chiller Server with Insert
Camcarrier Thermal Carrier Brown
-Holds 6 full size 2.5″ deep inserts (not included)
55.00 Camcarrier Brown 6 Inserts

Cambro Camcarrier Dolly

Holds 1 or 2 stackable camcarriers

 8.00  Cambro CamCarrier Dolly
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Stainless Tong