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Practical Advice from Brides Planning their Weddings Right Now

Check out these tips from two brides who are in the midst of planning their weddings right now.

Gallery---SR-Cadle 1156864Kathleen lives in Alberta but is getting married in her hometown in British Columbia. Her and her fiancé were engaged in 2013, and their wedding is planned for August 2014. She says “planning from a distance isn’t bad, but it’s nice to meet with people before the big day.” If making a weekend trip to your wedding destination isn’t feasible, try recruiting friends or family for help, even if it’s just to ask a few questions or take a few pictures. If you don’t have any people on the ground, think about enlisting the services of a wedding planner. They come with experience and will know exactly what questions to ask and what information you’ll need most.

Kathleen also says that “planning in advance is nice, because you’re not rushed!” She began her planning a year in advance and committed to chipping away at her list week by week. It’s left her feeling more or less organized and relaxed going into the final month before the wedding. She’s also started a Facebook group for guests to communicate with each other, as well as check for information about the wedding, directions and maps, and activities to do in the area.

About the planning process, Kathleen advises not to get too far ahead of yourself. Being prepared is good, but she would have liked to settle into the planning process a bit longer before choosing decorations: “I would do things a lot differently if I waited.” She recommends waiting until about six months before the wedding before making any major décor decisions. By that time, you’ll (hopefully) have a date, venue, dress, and caterer. Those things will dictate what your wedding is going to look like, and you can plan your décor around them.

Ceremony under 40'x60' Festival Tent with Liner

Ceremony under 40’x60′ Festival Tent with Liner

Jennifer got engaged in 2012 and is planning her wedding for August 2015 in the city where she currently lives. As the mother of three, she needed the extra time to get a handle on planning a wedding while raising her family. Setting a wedding date more than a year in the future can have its pros and cons. Having seemingly endless amounts of time to get everything done can sound very appealing. However, you won’t be able to resist starting to plan immediately after you get engaged and with so much time on your hands, it can be easy to lose yourself in the details. Jennifer’s biggest piece of advice is “to know what you want and stick to it… And have a budget in mind.” If you can’t resist starting your planning right away, then be ready to put your blinders on and stick with your decisions. Otherwise, you’ll quickly become bogged down by the infinite options available to you.

Jennifer also suggests booking your venue before anything else “because different halls include different things. You might not need to Gallery---SR-Something-Old 1203310purchase everything.” Some venues will provide a completely clean slate for you to create upon. Others will provide nearly everything except the guests. Depending on your budget and the amount of legwork you want to do yourself, your choice of venue may affect the rest of the decisions you make. Check to see what your venue provides before purchasing or renting other items.

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