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If you have recently become engaged and your wedding is coming up here are some tips we hope will help


Lets talk about your Wedding Check List

6 Months before
  • Set a date for your wedding day.
  • Plan your budget.
  • Choose your Maid of Honor, Best Man and Bridal Party
  • Join our Facebook Group ‘All Occasions Party Rentals’ for great ideas, links and info!/group.php?gid=4797039893&ref=ts
  • Decide on a venue. If you are looking for some in Kelowna this is a good site for ideas, though not a complete list:      A couple I would add to this list would be; Bertram Creek Park, City Park, Gellatly Nut Farm, The Summerland Ornamental Gardens, Father Pandosy’s Mission (our tents work great for all these venues!). If you are planning on a church wedding, you will need to discuss arrangements with your local church’s Pastor
  • If you are getting married in a registrar’s office, you will need to contact the registrar
  • Decide on the number of guests and make a list
  • Book the reception hall
  • If you are planning an outdoor wedding be sure to book the venue and find out any regulations for tents, liquor licenses, noise, time, etc. that you may have to abide by. If you are planning to book in a park setting you will need to contact  Parks and Recreation Kelowna.
  • Create a back up plan and location if you are having an outside wedding in case of inclement weather
  • Contact us here or come in and visit us at our extensive showroom on Windsor Road in Kelowna and start an estimate for your big day of the products you may need. Phone us at 250-763-8687.  The earlier you start the better. If you come visit us during the winter months when our show room is not as busy, we will be able to spend plenty of time in discussing options and ideas.
  • Book the band or DJ for the wedding reception
  • Book a florist
  • Book a photographer and arrange to have your engagement photo session done so you can sample their work to be certain you like their style for your big day.
  • Book a videographer
  • Arrange your bridal party’s transportation. i.e. classic cars, limousines, friends vehicles
  • Make arrangements for your honeymoon and apply for a new passport (i.e. the bride may wish to travel under her married name, but be prepared to be unable to travel until your wedding date, as your old passport will be invalid).
  • Order your cake
  • Book an over night stay at a hotel/ resort/ bed and breakfast for the wedding night
  • Wedding dress
  • Confirm all bookings in writing.


5 Months before
  • Remember to contact us here at All Occasions (your rental company) to begin booking the decor and items you will need for the ceremony and reception area. Remember summer months are very busy. So be sure to book early so not to be disappointed on availability.
  • Decide on ushers for the ceremony
  • Choose your wedding shoes and accessories, order your wedding favours.
  • Pick a seamstress to do your alterations for your dress and arrange a fitting
  • Choose the wedding attire for the groom, best man, bridesmaids, fathers, mothers and ushers. Make a day of  this with your girls, go out for lunch and have fun
  • Purchase your wedding rings
  • Notify your bank, ICBC, Social Insurance, vital statistics BC and relevant authorities that you intend on changing your name and as of what date it will take affect.
  • Order or make the wedding invitations and other stationery
  • Create a wedding website and email all your potential guests with a save the date message. Sites like this one are really fun to use


4 Months before
  • Mail out your wedding invitations
  • Arrange your seating plan
  • Decide on your menu with your caterer
  • Arrange to see your stylist about what hairstyle you want on your big day. Brides should take along a picture of the dress and veil or head-piece and other accessories to help the stylist create a hairstyle that will complement and finish off the look
  • Book to have your nails done. You may want to book this for all your brides’ maids as well but discuss if this is something they would like to participate in.


3 Months before
  • Purchase a marriage license from the BC Vital Statistics Agency
  • Complete a registry at your favorite stores and remember to make that information available to your guests either in their invitation or on your wedding website
  • Confirm your ceremony details with either the registrar or the pastor.
  • Finalize your wedding music for the ceremony and reception.
  • Create your ‘order of service’ sheets for both ceremony and reception.
  • Purchase and order gifts for the bridesmaids, grooms men, ushers, parents and each other
  • Finalize honeymoon travel arrangements, accommodation and entertainment.
  • Talk to your maid of honor and best man in regards to organizing the stag / stagette parties and any showers they will be throwing you. Give them available dates and gently warn them if there are certain things you would not feel comfortable doing.
  • Arrange for any vaccinations you may need for honeymoon travels
  • If you haven’t already done so, make sure you have booked your rental items with us here at All Occasions.


2 Months before
  • Complete any decor crafts, wedding favors etc..
  • Finalize what shots and expectations you have from your photographer and videographer
  • Ask someone to do the welcome and guest book for your reception
  • Purchase or design a guest book
  • Schedule final dress fitting
  • Make sure you have all your accessories purchased. i.e. shoes, jewelry, hair clips, under garments, first night lingerie etc..


1 Month before
  • Confirm the wedding arrangements with the reception venue.
  • Confirm the wedding arrangements with the caterer.
  • Confirm the wedding arrangements with the florist.
  • Confirm the wedding arrangements with the photographer and videographer
  • Confirm the wedding arrangements with the company supplying the wedding transport.
  • Confirm the honeymoon arrangements.
  • Confirm all your entertainment.
  • Confirm your final numbers with us here at All Occasions Party Rentals
  • Deliver song lists to musicians or play lists to DJ
  • Phone any guests who have not yet responded to your invitation.
  • Enjoy your stagette, stag parties and bridal showers
  • Finalize the menu and numbers with the caterer.
  • Arrange a date for a wedding rehearsal and plan the rehearsal dinner. Often the grooms parents are more then happy to host and organize this evening of celebration.
  • Organize a date when you can pick up your wedding party’s outfits.
  • Prepare your vows and speeches.
  • Meet with your stylist and make-up artist for your consultation.


7 Days before
  • Have the wedding rehearsal.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Determine the order for the procession.
  • Wear-in your wedding shoes. Its will give brides who are not used to walking in high heels a chance to practice.
  • Organize with a close friend to have an emergency wedding kit, just for the bride, containing makeup and a repair kit for the wedding dress, so you can be ready for any minor hiccups throughout the day.
  • Give your ‘order of service’ sheets to the Pastor or JP.
  • Order your foreign currency and / or travelers cheques.
  • Give the rings to the best man.
  • Give the best man a list of all the wedding services involved in your wedding day, in case they need to be contacted.
  • Give the best man any cheques that need to be given out that day.
  • Choose someone to return any rented items after the wedding.
  • Deliver your marriage license to the officiator.


The Day before
  • Take the day off!
  • Brides and bridal party have your nails done
  • Grooms go and have your hair tidied up around the back and sides.
  • Spend the rest of the day relaxing.
  • Try and get an early night
  • Exchange gifts with your future spouse


After the Wedding
  • Have someone return all your rental items to us at All Occasions
  • Make a gift list and send out your thank you notes
  • Send thank-you letters to suppliers and attendants.
  • Arrange for cleaning and preservation of your gown.
Yes there is a huge amount of preparation, time and planning that goes into a wedding. We’re here to help you get through it and still enjoy your special day. It is possible, we know you can do it, even if you do go a bit crazy. The important thing to remember is this; as significant and beautiful as this day undoubtedly will be, it is one day of many in a beautiful marriage to come. So enjoy this time together. Put each other first, love each other through thick and thin and remember to kiss lots!

Best wishes for your new life together from your friends at All Occasions Party Rentals!