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Dance Floors, Flooring and Staging

Delivery is an additional fee and is available at reasonable rates. Please call for quote.


DANCE FLOORS & FLOORING All of our dance floors are wood based floors with wood or laminate tops. These high quality floors are composed  primarily of 4′ X 4′ sections weighing approximately 50lbs per section, this results in solid surface and high quality look.

Estimating the size of dance floor you will need for your party:

Typically 40% of your guests will dance (a younger crowd may have more dancers an older crowd less, you be the judge of this) Each couple will need approximately 10 sq. ft. of space ( 5 sq. ft. per person) So, lets do an example using a party of 200 guests, where 40% of the guests will dance.

  • 200 guests x 40 percent = 80 guests x 5 sq. ft. per person = a 400 sq. ft. dance floor. This is of course just an estimate but combined with your knowledge of the attendees, it is a good place to start.

NewWhite Dance Floor – an elegant showpiece for your event, 4′ X 4′ Panels. In stock now for your 2017 events!!! (indoor only)  35.00 per panel  white-dance-floor-2
NewBlack Dance Floor – an elegant showpiece for your event, 4′ X 4′ Panels. In stock now for your 2017 events!!! (indoor only) 35.00 per panel   black-dance-floor

NewBlack & White dance floor absolutely stunning and available in different patterns, 4′ X 4′ Panels.  In stock now for your 2017 events!!! (indoor only)

35.00 per panel black-and-white-dance-floor
Light ash dance floor, this wooden floor can be used outside (under cover) or inside 400 Square feet size (20 X 20) other sizes available. 1.75 Per square ft   birch-marquee-floor
NewRich dark walnut coloured dance floor 4′ X 4′ panels. In stock now for your 2017 events!!! (indoor only) 35 per panel dance-floor-dark-brown
Beautiful New England plank dance floor, 4′ x 4′ panels. Can be used outside (under cover) 30.00 per panel
Traditional parquet dance floor, 3′ x 3′ panels (indoor only) 16.00 per panel  parquet
Outdoor Wooden Dance Floor, 20′ x 18′ This is a rustic floor For use in areas where floor may come in contact with sand etc. This floor requires a flat surface for installation. Can be used outside (under cover). 480.00 Outdoor Wooden Dance Floor, 20' x 20'
Portable Black Outdoor plastic Flooring. Perfect to cover pavement, concrete, gravel or closely cropped grass. Flooring follows the surface of the ground so ground must be flat and compact. 1.25 per sq. ft. Portable Flooring, black
Red Aisle Runner, 4′ x 25′With Bound Edging 110.00  Red carpet Runner
Black Aisle Runner, 6′ x 25′With Bound Edging 145.00  Carpet Runner Black
4′ x 4′ Stage Panel Steel and 3/4″ plywood decking that provides a solid safe surface for your event
-Choice of 8″, 16″ or 26″ legs
45.00 each
4′ x 8′ Stage Panel Aluminum a rugged decking with a non slip surface that will provides a solid stable surface for your event 95.00 each  4' X 8' Aluminum Stage
Safety Guard Rail, 4′ (does not include stage panel) 25.00 each
Stage Skirt, 8′ x 8″ or 16″, black 14.00  Stage Skirt
Stage Skirt, 14′ x 30″
-Black, white, or ivory
28.50  Stage skirt 30 inch
Stage Stairs, 16″ high 15.00  stage stairs small
Stage Stairs with Handrail 95.00  4' X 8' Aluminum Stage